Saturday, November 26, 2005

And now, the cleanup!

Yep - I have to get my office in order now. Not only cause you can barely see the desk, BUT, I'm going away in a few days and I don't want Cleo getting into any of the stuff I usually keep on my desk. She'll put ANYTHING in her mouth. Normally I'm around to discourage her, but for a few days I won't be, so it will be far less worrying if I just clear the decks, so to speak.

However, before I do, how 'bout a snapshot of the items/books that have surrounded me for the last few weeks:

  • 1789 map of Paris

  • 1808 map of Paris

  • National Geographic's Traveler's Map of France

  • magnifying glass

  • Several binders of my research notes

  • Kate Bush's new CD Aerial

  • Alicia Rasley's list of Scene Purposes

  • A Sea of Words (companion to Patrick O'Brian books)

  • Oxford Dictionary of Word Histories

  • English Through the Ages

  • Petit Robert (Dictionnaire de la langue française)

  • Concise Oxford French Dictionary

  • A History of Medicine

  • The Writers Digest Character Naming Sourcebook

  • Secret Service: British Agents in France 1792-1815

  • The British Code of Duel

  • The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology

  • Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Companion to the French Revolution

  • A Medieval Herbal

  • Fashion - Vol 1: 18th and 19th Century

  • The Magic and Medicine of Plants

  • AA's Treasures of Britain

  • Illustrated Reverse Dictionary

Just reshelving the books will take a while! Then I have to clear all the paper away (Cleo eats paper *sigh*) - most will go to the office to be shredded as it's already been recycled through the printer once.

My poor sweetie woke up with a migraine, so I've been up since about 5 - which is actually ok. I don't mind being up early and it means I can get lots done today. I just hope the headache goes away for him soon.

Later this morning I'm going to a bookfair for indie writers. A friend of mine will be there signing her family history, Strength Within: The Granger Chronicles. It's a fantastic book!

So, that's it for this morning :-) Happy Saturday!!


Soon to be Reading: Watermelon by Marian Keyes
Link of the Day: Miss Snark (yeah, I know she's been the link before, but she's well worth visiting)

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