Friday, December 30, 2005

Is it Friday already?

The week went so quickly!

I spent time yesterday afternoon working on my new story. Haven't started the FD method yet. Instead I sat down with a notebook and pen and just did some freeform writing about it. Aside from her name and basic family stuff, I didn't know much about my heroine, so we spent some time together and I learned quite a lot. Turns out she's a proto-feminist. Yeah, yeah, I know - but it really is true! Feminism was just getting started in the 1790s - see Olympe de Gouges' Declaration of the Rights of Women, 1791 and Mary Wollstonecraft's Vindication of the Rights of Women, and my heroine, for very good reasons, embraces the movement.

So now I'm doing more research on women and their role during the Revolution. And, of course, this is going to bring her into conflict with the hero because, like most men of that period, he doesn't really hold with the new-fangled ideas - especially when the heroine tells him she has no intention of marrying him!

I'm so excited about this story now. The one problem remains figuring out WHY my heroine decides to help the hero with his problem - other than the fact she's a decent woman who can't turn her back on the half-dead man on her doorstep. I'm sure she'll give me her reasons soon. I loved sitting there with the notebook yesterday, taking down whatever came into my head - that kinda free-form writing is sooooooo cool.

The last few days have been busy - we're almost out of the office now. Sean's going there after his CBC shift this morning to get another load or two. The cats have been quite amused by all the things coming into the house, though what Chloe liked best yesterday was the brown wrapping paper that came off the parcel from my brother-in-law. She sits on it, paws the paper and moves around to hear it crinkle *g*. The gift itself was a photo montage, featuring our niece and her kittens. Very cute.

Has anyone else been reading the Crapometer over at Miss Snark's Blog? It's very informative and, considering some of the entries, Miss Snark has shown a good deal of mercy in her comments. Needless to say, I was nowhere near brave enough to send her something. No matter how hard I work at it, I find it almost impossible to take what's a reasonably good ms and write a coherent synopsis without making it sound trite and overwrought.

Well, my wrists are telling me they've had about enough of this typing crap for right now, so I guess I'd best finish off!

Happy New Year!!!!!


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