Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Some progress yesterday...

Things with the house sale are a wee sticky right now, so I'm not blogging about it further - until everything is settled.

Yesterday I managed to get some good work done on the middle section of my ms. Well, the planning thereof *g*. I did a ton of brainstorming and scribbling in my notebook (not waterlogged like Kelly's - not yet, anyway - more decorated with black and white fur). It felt good. I have lots of stuff to work out, fleshing out what I know is a great story idea. Generating subplots and the how the characters' conflict impacts their burgeoning romance. Just having Henri's picture really seems to have helped cement things in my head. I even printed out character profiles for him and Madeleine from WWP, including the colour piccies.

I really enjoy this part of the process, even the bit where I tear out my hair, certain I've started something I can't finish. Now I'm sure that sounds strange, but I've learned over the process of the last three mss, that if I just relax, noodle around and let my muse free, the story will grow and reveal itself to me. I just get impatient at times. And remind myself that part of the FD process is layering, not making everything perfect at once.

One interesting article I found on the net the other day, Patricia Kay's Synopsis Checklist, is really helpful. Except I'm confused by point # 8, about each chapter being covered in the synopsis, even briefly. I'm pretty sure in a five page synopsis, this isn't going to happen - a ten pager, sure, but in five pages? In two? According to Miss Snark, our synopses should be as short as possible. Anyone else have thoughts on this? Not that I'm arguing with the concept of including info from each chapter in a synopsis, I'm just not sure it's possible in a shorter one. NOT that synopses are my strength, by any means.

Other than that, it's cold and clear here this morning. Quite a change from the warm, spring-like weather of last week. Makes me long for our cozy new house we hope to have built by later in the year. In surroundings that generally don't include windchills of -19º C *g*.


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