Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Words to live by from Miss Snark

I found this FANTASTIC quote from Miss Snark, the Literary Agent in her recent post:

Miss Snark steps up to the plate armour:

"Here's the thing. You have to write the thing that fills you with passion. You have to write something you love the way you love your children: all the time, even when you want to murder them. You have to write something you love so much it doesn't even cross your mind to ask 'am I wasting my time' because to NOT write it would be wasting your heart."

Words to live by indeed!

Teresa (now returning to work on her own ms)

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Lady Tess said...

Well Hello I do hope that you get to read this Lady Tess :) I found you quite by accident as I to am Lady Tess (Therese to my older friends, my husband found it a mouthfull so we spent a good while thinking of a suitable shorter name for me).

I'm not used to blogging so have no idea whether you will read this (It's my first time) but I enjoyed your words it has inspired me to think that I should do more than the hum drum of the daily chores and if only tentatively venture into the world of writing.

Maybe I have something to share . . . you never know if anyone wants to hear . . .

Thank You again for sharing your thoughts with us

Best regards

Lady Tess :)

Would love to know why you chose your name . . .