Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday post....

We had a quiet, but kinda busy weekend. Just lots of little things. And staying close to home because of having to give Chloe her meds. She's doing really well, both taking her doses with little fuss AND her problem appears to be clearing up.

On tap for this week - cleaning up my completed ms for a final proof, doing agent research plus business-related stuff.

I finished my article last week and even though I went long on it, the editor was able to find room for it without any cutting! Yay :-) I also submitted my two reviews on time as well (just).

The second review was a really difficult one to write, not the actual execution of it, but having to write an almost wholly negative report. I HATE doing it, but with this novel, it couldn't be helped. Not only were many of the characters unsympathetic, but the prose itself was very awkward and I'm not entirely convinced the author really understands point of view. And if he does, he doesn't know how to control it. I also found two research errors, things, as it turns out, some reviewers might not have picked up on, but they were both points on which I knew I was right. And answers I found easily on the internet to back up my review if it's called into question.

Such a shame, as the idea behind the book was a good one. But the publisher, IMHO, let this writer down by not working closely enough with him on the editorial side.

Well, must go now - still lots to do today, and, as always, time seems to get away from me. I'm also curious to see if wbloggar works again. The developer's site was down for a while and I couldn't get my posts to go through to Blogger. We'll see if it's working now.


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