Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Hijinks and More...

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As you've probably guessed from the photo, Sean and I went to a Halloween party the other night. I paired my dress with a cool Venetian style mask I found in Sechelt while Sean went as a disorganized secret agent - if you look close at him in the photo, you'll see a tag hanging off his toy gun, proclaiming it issue of the intelligence service. He had a couple of others on various pieces of his costume :-)

Yesterday a friend of mine came up from the city with her dog and we went for a long walk, then sat chatting and drinking tea. After a wild and rainy night on Saturday, the weather cleared - the sun was strong enough for us to sit outside after our trudge, while Wally and Tiva (family dog) made friends. They were very cute together.

Today it's back to my planning work. NaNo starts in two days *gulp*, but I'm trying not to get too nervous. Last Friday I went through some notes one of my CPs sent me and in clarifying a couple of things for her, I worked some stuff out for myself too. Then our group had an online meeting through MSN and they gave me more feedback that was helpful.

So, that's been my last few days! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


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