Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Second week of September...

That's what we're now looking at for moving in. Not so bad when one considers how often people are more than a month later moving into a new house. But still a little disappointing. However, not much we can do about it. Our complicated ceiling lines mean that the second part of the dry walling process (taping and mudding) are going to take longer than anticipated. The painter is scheduled for the 27 of August, then the cabinets and floors for the first week of September. Finishing (door frames etc) will take place the following week, so hopefully we'll be able to move in on that weekend. Fingers crossed.

Not much else new. I did manage a little writing last week, before the family came for another visit. Sean and I both ended up with a cold (Sean on his birthday, no less) - we're almost over it now. I'll try to get round to other blogs, but we're busy this week. Appliance shopping today, ceiling fan/lighting shopping tomorrow in Vancouver, my library shift on Thursday and the Fibre Arts Festival on Friday.

I finished Birth of Venus yesterday and really, really enjoyed it. My one quibble was that we didn't find out what happened to two of the characters, so I didn't really feel the story was completely over. When not reading romance, I don't need and HEA ending, but I do need a real conclusion. Other than that, it was engrossing with lots of period detail, suspense, romance and complex human emotion born from fully realized characters.


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Melissa Marsh said...

I wonder, in the history of house building, if there has ever been a time when the house was done ON SCHEDULE. ;-)

ERiCA said...

Melissa: LOL. So true!

Teresa: I feel for you re: house schedule (and a cold on top of it). Glad to hear you did get some writing time in, and super glad to see your comments on Birth of Venus. I've been debating reading that one, and now I think I will! =)