Thursday, September 13, 2007

So, I was on my way to the library, when...

Yep - I had an accident in one of the most poorly designed parking lots ever. I'd stopped to buy Sean some muffins for breakfast and had just pulled out of my parking space when wham, I collided with another car. Neither of us is quite sure how it happened - he didn't see me, I didn't see him, until it was too late. But I'm fine and so was he. Not even the air bag went off.

Our car didn't fare so well as it took a direct hit on the right front tire :( So I may not see it for a while *sigh*. I'll know more next week.

This is the first time anything like this has ever happened to me, but this parking lot has quite the reputation for accidents.

On a brighter note - most of our electrical at the house is now done :) Things are still looking good for next week, so everyone please keep your fingers crossed.


Currently Reading: The Broken Gate, by Anita Burgh


Pattern-chaser said...

Good luck for next week. Hope the car's OK!


"Who cares, wins"

Tess Harrison said...

Hey there! I know it's been awhile since dropped by. I'm trying to catch up. I love the photos of you house you posted on your other blog. It's gorgeous. Sory to hear about your accident.

Melissa Marsh said...

Glad you're ok! I've been in a few car accidents, unfortunately. :-( The last one really did a number on me and I had to visit the chiropractor for severe whiplash and a back injury. Thank goodness yours wasn't that serious!

Rene said...

Oh, bummer. So glad you weren't hurt. Cars can be fixed, people are a little tougher.

They are starting to re-route the electrical in my house today. What a mess. Looks like spaghetti to me.

Kelly said...

Sorry to hear about the car, but glad you fared better than the vehicle!