Tuesday, October 02, 2007

All moved in, well kinda...

We still have lots of stuff in the cabin - who knew we owned so much? And there's still a storage room with furniture in it as well. That's waiting until Sean finishes the basement.

But, as of last Friday, we're now living in the house :) The cats are settling in well.

Below are some photos.

The hardwood installer finished on Thursday afternoon - here are the results (before we moved the furniture in):

Here's what my library looked like the day we moved in:

I started putting books out on shelves over the weekend:

Cleo had some thoughts on the whole move:

Here she is on the staircase:

And here's Chloe helping with books:

Cleo has found every little nook and cranny, including what little space there is under the bookcase in my writing nook:

Not to be outdone, Chloe also explored every spot she could, and almost couldn't, fit into:

Yesterday my in-laws very kindly brought over our couch and love seat during a break in the rain, so we were able to set up the living room once Sean was home from work:

The cats were overjoyed to see the furniture:

Here's Chloe looking out the library window this afternoon while I worked on unpacking and shelving the last of the books (well, sort of - not quite enough room right now!):

Sean has a lot of books too, so I've been sorting those into boxes for his office - below you can see the kind of progress I've made so far:

Cleo decided she'd had enough and went to sleep on my lap when I sat down to check my email, using my keyboard as a pillow:

while Chloe checked out the view from the other window:

Our front and deck doors will be installed on Thursday - yay!!! More photos then :)


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Pattern-chaser said...

Thanks for making feel a welcome guest at your moving-in! Hope you're happy there.


"Who cares, wins"

Annette said...

Looks fabulous, Teresa! You guys sure have a lot of books, LOL!


Melissa Marsh said...

Wow, what a beautiful house - I love those floors!

And I think you have more books than my husband and I, which is amazing in itself! ;-)

Kelly said...

Great pixs - you must be so excited about moving in. By the way, if you happen to see a furtive figure sneaking about your library in the dead of night shoving books in a sack, don't panic. It's just me on a raid.