Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Outdoor Christmas tree...

Due to our crazy kitten, Cleo, we can't have an indoor Christmas tree. So we decided to put one out on the deck.

But first, here are some photos taken just over a week ago, during a heavy snowfall (the snow all melted the following day):

Last Sunday, during a much lighter snowfall, we set out in search of a tree on the property. Instead of just one, we found two growing side by side and as that area needs thinning anyway, Sean cut them both:

and dragged them home:

Once there, he strapped them together and put the lights on, then left the rest for me to decorate:

You can just see me in behind, hanging more ornaments:

It was frosty on Monday morning, so the tree looked really cool:

Christmas madness is pretty much my life right now, but I hope once all my packages and cards are in the mail, that I'll get a little more writing done.

How's everyone else doing, juggling writing and holiday prep?



Kelly Boyce said...

It looks great! What a beautiful spot to spend Christmas.

Melissa Marsh said...

Hmm. Not juggling too well. Well, I shouldn't say that. I'm reading an autobiography and a novel that specifically pertain to my WIP - set in the same time period, etc. - and it is helping me with research. As far as writing, though, nope, not a bit. And it's driving me CRAZY.

Love your Christmas tree! (I posted a pic of mine today, too!)

Yusef said...

I am well jealous of where you live. That is probably my ideal home, out in the woods an all. Well done, Salut!

Marilyn said...

Nice blog! Keep up the good work.

Gabrielle said...

The house looks beautiful, the trees look wonderful--it must be lovely to see that at night.

I'm not done with my cards yet (tonight!) but I get writing in every morning at Starbucks. I NEED IT, even more than I need my grande, non-fat, hazelnut latte with triple espresso ;P

Margaret Evans Porter said...

Finished holiday prep last week...tree is (at long last) decorated. This is the week when I should make some good writing progress...in between activities I've managed to do research.

Love the tree!

If you want more snow--we've got way, way too much! Definitely a White Christmas here....