Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Making some progress...

The first draft of my contract work goes off tomorrow. I'll find out Friday how things went with it. There's a learning curve involved, so I'm not expecting perfection, but hope I at least have a pretty good grasp on things. Even so, it feels good to have accomplished what I have so far in one month. It's pretty intense stuff, so I can usually only manage three to four hours on it each day.

Added to this work are extra shifts at the library, Nia, finishing my one last book for review (and writing all the reviews) and hopefully soon, work outside in the garden :) Unlike everyone back East, we're experiencing glorious weather here in BC this week, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will cooperate for Snowfest on Sunday.

As always, the kitties do cute things - here are some recent pics:

Chloe under my desk

Cleo on the back of the love seat - note the way she has her legs splayed out *g*

Chloe observing from one of her favourite perches

Cleo in the spare room window, and

the two of them snuggling together on my fleece.

Ok - off to finish preparing my dinner now. Am very hungry after an afternoon of work :)


Currently Reading: I'm in between books right now and trying to decide


Melissa Marsh said...

Awww, the kitties look so cute! I need to take more pics of mine.

Great job on getting so much work done this month!

Tess said...

LOL - if only it could've been on my ms. Things are bursting to get out now. I may just have to ignore the rest of the world for a while, and just focus.

Vicki Fourie said...

Sweet pets! Reminds me of my sister's cat, Ludwig. A real beauty with so much character!

I'd love it if you could leave a comment on my website. I'm an aspiring writer, and am very curious to know what others think of it! Thanks.