Saturday, January 24, 2009

What I've been up to...

Work, school work, a little bit of writing and as much exercise as I can fit in. That's pretty much it. I'm enjoying school so much, but it does mean many hours at the computer or reading. I did, however, find time on Wednesday evening to read over the ms I was working on for Nano and and do some preliminary editing. Figured it was a good way to reconnect with my characters and get the story juices flowing again. Then when I was on the elliptical yesterday, the characters from my contemp story started bugging me to get back to them too. So I'm going to have to find a way to do that.

On Wednesday morning I did take an hour out to go down to the beach nearby and take some pictures of the fog with my new digital SLR camera (Christmas gift from my mum and in-laws). Here are a few of them:
Pier at Davis Bay

Wave breaking on the beach


Row of boats

The fog finally lifted on Friday, after many many days. We were lucky up where we live to have sun a lot of the time, but for several days, we too were socked in. That's about it from here.

So, what's new with you?


Currently Reading: The Wheel of Fortune by Susan Howatch


Melissa Marsh said...

Beautiful pics, Tess!

Not much new here - finished the novel, but that's only the beginning. Now comes the fun part - editing!

Kelly Boyce said...

Great pixs! I'm glad you're enjoying your courses too. You and I are both revising NaNo mss from the sounds of it.

Rene said...

Love those pictures. You sure live in a beautiful place.

Glad you're liking school. Keep up with the writing.

Tess said...

Thanks everyone :)

Glad you all enjoyed the photos.

Melissa - good luck with the editing.

Kelly - yep, if nothing else, Nano gives me lots to work with

Yes, the Coast sure is beautiful. And I promise to keep writing, Rene.