Friday, February 27, 2009

Revelation while on the elliptical trainer...

Yep, it happened again. I was singing along to The Trouble With Love and one of my stories (the contemp, set here on the West Coast) immediately came into my mind. As I listened to the words, I knew they were perfect for my hero and just let the ideas flow, not trying to force them. The plot has been stalled for a while and I think part of the problem is I keep trying to MAKE things happen, rather than allowing the story to tell itself.

So anyway, I'm singing along, and the idea came to me! Even ties into the conflict and everything :) I didn't have any paper handy, but was close enough to the end of my workout that I didn't lose my train of thought. As soon as I was done, I hopped off and walked the three steps to the notepad (yep, so near and yet so far) and jotted down the idea before it slipped through my brain.


Don't you just LOVE when inspiration strikes and a plot element is revealed?!


Currently Reading: Keeping the World Away by Margaret Forster
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Rene said...

Too funny, I have epiphanies on the elliptical trainer too. I think it is because I have mental time to wander.

Melissa Marsh said...

Whenever I have a plot problem I need to work out, I either 1) take a shower or 2) go exercise! Weird how either of those will unlock the solution!

Arcadia said...

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Kelly Boyce said...

Nothing like a little inspiration during your workout! Usually I just get sweaty.

Tess said...

Rene - I think it's the same for me - that, and lyrics often jog my mind and get things going.

Melissa - yep, I've tried the shower thing too, though there's only so much hot water in the tank *g*

Arcadia - thanks :)

Kelly - LOL - it doesn't happen every time. Usually I just end up sweaty as well *g*.