Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Evening walk at Davis Bay...

Sean was home early enough from covering a local council meeting to suggest a walk down at Davis Bay :) I grabbed my camera and tripod and off we went.

It was beautiful down there - tide was either on its way in our out (can't say for sure), but the water was calm and the temperature just perfect. We walked along to the first major bend, then set up the tripod, so I could take a pic of the sun going down:

Here's a view looking the other way - you can see the colour on the logs - so beautiful and I love that my DSLR can pick up such subtleties:

Alongside the path are gorgeous flower beds, so I turned on my macro feature:

As we wandered back towards the car, we noticed a mama duck with ducklings in tow (yet another occasion I longed for a telephoto lens):

The colour in the sky looking towards the south end of Vancouver Island was beautiful too:

Look how peaceful the water was - we truly do live in paradise here:

Hope you enjoyed this brief interlude :)


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Melissa Marsh said...

Gorgeous pics, Tess! Looks like a beautiful place.

Tess said...

Thanks, Melissa - and yes, it's beautiful here.

Rene said...

Great photos. You are so lucky to have such beauty so close at hand.

Tess said...

Thanks, Rene - and yes, it is amazing to live here.

Elizabeth McKenzie said...

I love your blog. Thanks.

Tess said...

Thanks Elizabeth :) Glad you like it! I try to post as much as I can, but these days I'm in school and working at the local library, so I'm not around as much as I'd like to be. Am checking out your web site!