Thursday, September 24, 2009

Comfort reads...

Sorry I've been absent again. Not only did I have to fight off a major sinus infection, but I also started school again just after Labour Day. Busy busy.

That said, we did take a couple of days last weekend in Vancouver and when we arrived home Saturday evening I was tired, but really wanted something to read. However NOTHING I could find, either from the library or from my own library, appealed. Then I remembered the boxes of children's books in the basement and knew EXACTLY what I wanted to read. A Chalet School book. Yep, you heard me - a children's book.

So off I went to the basement and dug out the box with all my Chalet School books (I own more than half the series) and chose one of my all-time favourites - Rivals of the Chalet School. Soon I was ensconsed in my recliner, happily reading away. It was exactly what I needed. A comfort read.

Do you have those? Books you can pull out that may not challenge you mentally but somehow are just right for the mood you're in, especially if you're tired? If so, please let me know :) I'd love to hear about them.


Currently Reading: Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant


Kelly Boyce said...

I've never heard of those books, but I do the same thing - pull out books from my childhood to read through on days I want a break from the world. One of my favorites is The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton.

snoble24 said...

iv never heard of those books but i sometimes do the same thing. iv got this book called no flying in the house. iv had it since i was real young it by now is falling apart but i read it off and on. i also like the worst witch

Rene said...

I will pull out my big bodice rippers from the 80's. It isn't that the books are so good, but they take me back to an easier time when I loved romance and hadn't decided to write it yet. LOL