Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where I write...

Melissa over at Writing with Style asked her readers to post about where they write - here's my response:

To the left you can see my office. It's where I write when I can find the time these days. The lamp is a very recent addition and I love it!

My office is very cozy and has everything I need, including a bookcase with loads of research books and binders with information on my characters, a window for natural light, room enough on my desk for a cat (or two) to snooze and keep me company, and speakers so I can plug my iPod in to listen to music while I write. The small table to the right of my desk belonged to my grandmother - she was one of the first people to encourage me in my writing, so it helps me feel close to her. Also on my desk is a small figurine of a boy and girl standing face to face. My dad bought that for me years ago as a gift while he was on a business trip - I treasure it and who knows, maybe that's what inspired me to write my first love story.

I also have photos of Sean and me, which helps remind me of the true nature of lasting love.



Cathie Dunn said...

Very cosy office, Teresa. Of course you have to leave some space for the kitties. ;-)
I have a wide window sill next to my desk so Bob has to go on there.

Thanks for sharing.

Tess said...

Cathie - post a pic of Bob there! I'd love to see it :) The girls sometimes sit side by side on my window sill...

Brenda Sedore said...

Looks like a nice little corner, Teresa. How're things? And how's the writing coming? We haven't talked in a long time. I left BC a couple of years ago, got remarried (used to be Brenda Oig/Grate) and moved back to BC. :) We live in Kelowna now, not too far from you.



Joanne said...

A very cozy space, definitely. I like the idea of leaving room for the cats. I have one too, who likes to paw at the moving cursor on the screen :)

I clicked over from Melissa's, thanks for sharing today!

Christine Fletcher said...

I love that you have everything right to hand...and also cherished mementos from family. Your space is beautiful!

Melissa Marsh said...

Isn't it amazing how much difference a lamp makes? I have one at the day job, too, and it gives off a nice, warm glow to combat that nasty office lighting from above. :-)

Thanks for sharing, Tess!

Tess said...

Thanks, everyone for visiting my little writing corner :)

Brenda - cool to hear you're back in BC!!!

Joanne - my girls don't notice the screen much. They prefer to sit on my work instead *g*.

Christine - thanks! And yes, the mementos really help set the atmosphere.

Melissa - You're right - the lamp makes a big difference, both a stylish touch and a wonderful light...Thanks for hosting the Where I Write Carnival :)

Patricia Preston said...

Great post. Your writing room looks like the perfect place to create.