Thursday, February 08, 2007

Writing when I can...

I spent most of yesterday either working on my course or in Sechelt arranging for paperwork for the building permit. So yesterday evening when I came back to the cabin after dinner, instead of turning on the tv, I sat down at the computer and opened PageFour Notebook. And did more work on my characters using Linda Windsor's Weaving the Synopsis worksheet. I kept at it till Sean arrived home from a meeting, with little breaks to play "chase the toy" with Cleo *g*.

I've decided that I have to cut out more of my tv watching and knit up at the house before dinner, then spend my evenings writing if I can. Ok, except tonight when The Office is on. But except for Thursdays, there isn't really much I HAVE to watch before 10pm. I'm not watching House this season so Sean and I can catch up on it together on DVD.

Funny thing is, I KNOW that once I start work, I get lost in it really easily. It's the opening of the programming and setting to work that's the issue.

Do you have to force writing discipline on yourself?


Currently Reading: The Adventurous Bride by Miranda Jarrett (fantastic!)
Also Currently Reading: Dark Angels by Karleen Koen
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Melissa Marsh said...

Absolutely. It's so easy to just sit on the couch with a good book instead of cracking open the laptop. But my conscience doesn't allow me to do that and enjoy it. :-)

Jen Holling said...

OMG, yes. My BF is a TV addict--I NEVER used to watch TV before him and now that I'm with him I have discovered that I actually like a lot of it. But he is very respectful. He has gotten a set of wireless headphones so he can watch TV without disturbing me.