Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cute Cleo Story...

Ok, this is a tad late. I was watching the hockey last night and doing research work for my ms (I'm good at multi-tasking). Yay Ottawa, Vancouver and Calgary - talk about a fantastic hockey night in Canada. All three teams won :) Six hours of hockey - doesn't get much better than that!

Anyway, back to Cleo. She and Chloe have a favourite toy (it's the Gone Fishin' dangle toy - they don't let me link directly to it - grrr). They love it so much, that inevitably they chew through the elastic string so it can't be dangled anymore. Being an indulgent cat owner, I like to keep them happy, so when I saw the Gone Fishin' toy on sale at our local grocery store, I bought one to keep in reserve. I sneaked it into the cabin and hid it in a plastic bag at the back of our corner bookcase. The other day Cleo was bopping around as usual, then went very quiet. As parents know with kids, this is often a bad sign, meaning they're into mischief. Cat mummies know this too, so I looked around and spied a fuzzy bum sticking out of the bookcase. Then I heard a tell-tale jingle. Ok, she'd found the toy. More bum wiggling and the sound of rummaging and a moment later, she emerged triumphant with her prize and tossed it on the floor. I managed to grab the camera and snap some pics:

I let her play with it for a few minutes, then put it away and brought out one of their other toys to compensate.

Even funnier, several times that day she went BACK into the bookcase to see if there were any other toys to find!

Thanks to Margaret and Melissa for their comments re my goals dilemma. I probably have been over-analyzing. Will stop now *g*. Instead I've been focussing on more research to make sure the plot will work as I've set it out. It's based in history and I don't want to screw things up by not making sure what I've come up with could have been possible. Obviously, my little group of consiprators is a fabrication, but from what I can tell, they could have existed as I've written them. But I have to be sure.


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Annette said...

Cute story! Cleo's a smart cat.

I confess I bought one of those toys for Minou, but he doesn't play with it. He really prefers to play interactive games with his buddy, Lucky. I'm almost certain Minou thinks he's a dog, LOL!

Forest Parks said...

Ha Ha, Clever Kitty,

The mischievously ones are always the cutest.

Orhan Kahn said...

I don't think I could watch 6 hours of any sport :o

Kasinova, the Notorious said...

wow...cats are fascinating creatures...ever curious, always finding the hidden (personally I think that Dorothy should have owned a cat instead of Toto...)

I was just blog jumping and came across yours, as to not come across as the creepy internet stalker...

but yeah...hope your day goes well...Feel free to stop by the Playhouse anytime (ps thats my blog...i feel funny saying it...but eh...whatever)

CoralPoetry said...


I'm not an internet stalker, but I found your interesting blog. I love your cat. Mine used to search for coins that we had left on the coffee table. She'd then play chase with it madly. Then she'd lift the rug with the claws of her left paw and shoot the coin with the right.


Greg said...

Our cats may have been separated at birth...:)


MaggieMay said...


Daarboven said...

nicely written. I almost saw my own little furry sneaker in that...funny as hell.

ps if you need to link to the toy directly (in mozilla)right click, then save the graphics url and paste it:

if it's out there, they will let you link it ;-)

Laiane said...

I had to laugh at the image of the cat butt sticking out of the bookcase! Smart puss!

metagrape said...

Hey Tess. Thats a real cute story. Being a Cat lover too (I have three), I saw what was comming even as I read about you hiding the toy..

All the best with the next hiding!!!

Nice reading through your blog too.

Gurpreet Singh said...

hi this is Gurpreet
nick name Preet!
new to blog
Very Nice

Tess said...

Glad everyone enjoyed the cat story :) Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments. Cats do have a way of bringing like-minded people together *g*.

Bumpkins (a pet name from my Aunt) said...

Hi Tess,
I am "kitty sitting" my son's cat who is so beautiful. We call her Xena. I used to be horrifically allergic to cats and then I was blessed with a miracle. She brings me so much joy. I laugh so hard when she sneaks around as though she were a lioness after prey. She is our joy. I can feel the love you have for your "furry babies".
I, too, love to write. I just write true short stories or poetry. My site is mostly thoughts etc. Maybe you could visit it sometime. I am new to blogs and do not even know if anyone is even reading my entries. I never have comments posted so maybe I need to publish it??? Oh well, take care and "write on!"

Aron Alexandrine said...

Nice story, love cats. Your cat looks so cute in that pic lol.
Happy hiding again. :D

Jessica said...

DH and I became cat people when our two strays found us. Peepers is black and white and looks much like your kitty...