Sunday, April 01, 2007

Five questions from Kelly...

Here are the five questions Kelly gave me to answer:

1. If you could pick one published author who’s career you would like to emulate, who would it be and why?
Elizabeth Chadwick. Over the last 17 years she's slowly, but surely, become a fan favourite among readers of historical fiction, particularly those who love the medieval period. Not only that, her writing has improved from pretty darned good at the start to absolutely fantastic now. Her gradual rise through the midlist allowed her to survive in the not-always-easy world of publishing as each of her books built on the strengths of the previous one. Last, but certainly not least, she's generous with her time to both fellow writers and to her readers, taking the time to give talks and participate in online discussion groups, where she shares her experiences and doles out sound, sensible advice.

2. Your favorite flavour of lip
Raspberry - anything raspberry tastes good to me. If I had to have a second choice, it would be vanilla.

3. Most embarrassing moment for your high school days.
Hmmm, nothing in particular stands out. Though I was at one point a bit of a waterworks at school dances - hormones and love songs never seemed to mix well with me. Especially as I was a wee bit of an ugly duckling at the time, so never had a date.

4. If you could be transported back into one historical period, what would it be?
1483 England. Just like my heroine in Trust in Love, I'd want to go back to meet Richard III and ask him WHY in heaven's name he left his nephews behind when he went on progress in July 1483. I don't believe he murdered them himself, but by not keeping them with him, he abdicated his responsibility to guard them from those who sought to use them as pawns.

5. Hollywood has called. They want you to pick your favorite book to make into a movie and do the casting. Which book do you pick and who gets cast as hero and heroine?
Of my own mss, it would be What the Heart Remembers, with James Purefoy in the role of Adrian and Kate Winslet in the role of Cécile (I know, she's not French, but she looks more like my vision of Cécile than my other choice, Audrey Tatou).

Of books already published, that's a lot harder. I've so many books I love, but I'll give it a shot - Elizabeth Chadwick's The Falcons of Montabard is one of my faves - I'd probably go with Ioan Gruffudd as Sabin and Laura Fraser as Annais - she played Kate the Farrier in A Knight's Tale, and her character should have been, IMHO, the heroine of that movie.

Great questions, Kelly! Thanks :-)

I'm off to bed now - still recovering from my week hauling deadfall etc and preparing for another busy few days. Am hoping to get back to my story at some point as well. Our niece was up to visit this weekend, along with my brother/sister-in-law. Family weekends are so much fun!


Currently Reading: Dark Angels by Karleen Koen (I'm savouring every page of this wonderful tale of intrigue, love and politics at the court of Charles II)


Melissa Marsh said...

There are two books I'd love to see made into movies - Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux and Tree of Gold by Rosalind Laker.

Kelly said...

I'm with you on Laura Fraser being the heroine of A Knight's Tale. The other chick irritated the hell out of me.

Great answers and I'm also in agreement on Elizabeth Chadwick.