Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fun stuff from Kelly...

Exhausted after another four hours hauling trees, deadfall etc. Saw this at Kelly's blog - perfect for tonight's post! Thanks Kelly :)

BTW - for some reason I can't see any comments on my post from Tuesday night. The Comment area is completely missing - please let me know if you left a comment!



Kelly said...

I tried to find a way to post them the other day, but you’re right, the comment posting was AWOL. So here you go, 5 Random Questions:

1. If you could pick one published author who’s career you would like to emulate, who would it be and why?

2. Your favorite flavour of lip

3. Most embarrassing moment for your high school days.

4. If you could be transported back into one historical period, what would it be?

5. Hollywood has called. They want you to pick your favorite book to make into a movie and do the casting. Which book do you pick and who gets cast as hero and heroine?

Melissa Marsh said...

Very cool!

I am! said...

Looks like the property is coming right along - but take it easy with that hauling and clearing, you don't want to damage yourself!

We're finally getting spring here, so I'll be putting in some yard-cleaning time this weekend (Peter started today). Apparently things are starting to come up, but there's so much crud everywhere I can't see them!

Have a great weekend,