Monday, March 12, 2007

Friday at the library...

I did some more work on my wip - basically writing out all the plot changes I've made, reworking some of my forms and managing to come up with some good stuff. Now I have to get it all typed in.

Today I caught up on some bloghopping, then worked on some personal stuff and some business stuff. In the afternoon, between bouts of kidney stone pain, Sean and I managed to visit a local fireplace showroom to get an idea of what styles of woodstoves are available and how much they cost. We saw a couple we really like, which was nice.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get all that work from Friday input. The library is a nice place to work - lots of natural light and a big table on which I can spread out all my papers *g* - much easier to do when I don't have cats plopping themselves down on them to have a nap. The closest I came to an animal at the library was the goose on the other side of the window, sunning itself on the lawn.

From now on I'll be blogging in the evening. I really have to get a handle on how much time I spend on the web vs time spent on my ms.



Kelly said...

Sounds like you got plenty of work done! Hope Sean's kidney stone pain ends soon!!

Jen Holling said...

I have that problem, too--the Internet is such a horrible distraction. I need to NOT get on it at all in the evenings (which is when I wrote). During the day it's a nice distraction from editing myself blind.

Melissa Marsh said...

It's amazing how much time the Internet can take away from us.
Poor Sean! Hope he feels better soon!