Thursday, March 08, 2007

Assorted things...

First, for my visitors from Canada, don't forget to watch THE Documentary at 8:30 EASTERN time this evening on Bravo! Canada.

Second - a couple of pictures:

Kitty Love

We have a hydro pole! A huge step forward - they'll string the actual hydro wire within the next week or so, we believe:

Sean with his chainsaw in front of the truck and hydro pole:

Elvira & Moonbeam - curious llamas - I stopped my car along the driveway when they ran up to see me and snapped this through the open window:

Third - I'm still behind on so many things. A variety of reasons, including a visit to the ER with Sean yesterday when kidney stones attacked him again. On Tuesday I FINALLY found someone who cut my hair the way I like it, yay - but that too ate into writing time. Oh well. Yesterday afternoon I did manage to listen to a couple of good sessions from Atlanta - I'd had only a couple of hours of sleep overnight Tuesday/Wednesday, so was fried after the ER visit then a run to Gibsons for a couple of things. OTOH, I've used my insomnia time lately to think about my story and have come up with some cool things, so that's ok.

One of the Atlanta sessions was Voice and Conflict: Blend Them and Make Ben and Jerry Proud! with Leah Vale - she helped me with a couple of things, including the idea of giving your hero and heroine each a motto representing their GMC which the other will disprove, preferably at the Black Moment. If you have access to the CD/tapes - listen to this workshop.

Fourth - another agent rejection last week.

That's about it.


Currently Reading: Dark Angels by Karleen Koen
About to Start Reading: Labyrinth by Kate Mosse (no, not THAT Kate Moss - the one with the "e" at the end of her name)
Link of the Day: GAPC - Production Company for Who's Afraid of Happy Endings


Kelly said...

Ouch on the kidney stones! Hope he's feeling better.

Annette said...

Hugs on the rough couple of days. Hope Sean is feeling better and that you had some dark choc to go with that R.

You always find the silver lining, of course. The llamas, the hydro pole, the Atlanta sessions. You're an inspiration! I'm going to listen to the session you recommended, thanks.

Melissa Marsh said...

Aw, hugs on the rejection. And everything else! Sounds like you've been busy...hope the DH is feeling better. I've heard kidney stones are incredibly painful.