Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A busy few days...

but I did manage to make some time for writing today.

Yesterday I spent four hours cleaning out undergrowth and deadfall - it was tons of fun, but a lot of hard work. I was exhausted by last night, so didn't bother blogging.

Today I went back and had at it for another couple of hours. My woodland garden is slowly being revealed - here are a couple of photos I took yesterday:

Sean picked me up around 2pm and we went to Sechelt so he could attend a council meeting and I could go to the library and do a bit of work on When the Heart Believes. I did some more plotting - the words just flowed, musta been the lilac ink I was using *g*.

Once he was done, we ran a couple more errands, then returned home. Along the way I looked out the window and saw a bear in the field beside the road. Sean stopped and backed up - I grabbed my camera from my bag and snapped this photo through the open window. I zoomed in as much as my little camera could - you can just make him out at the back of the field - if you zoom in well, you'll see his face:

Last, but not least - thanks for understanding. Unlike Kelly, I can't just check blogs at various points during the day. I've no discipline and get sucked in, seeing as I set my own work schedule. OTOH, I can quickly throw together a blog post in the evening. And Kelly - I'd love the five questions, please :-)


Currently Reading: Dark Angels by Karleen Koen (it's superb)

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