Thursday, July 12, 2007

Quick update...

It's our phone line, not the modem. Sean will be trying a couple of things, but it's possible, until we move to the new house, that I'll have limited high speed access. Which could, in the end, prove a good thing where my writing is concerned.

I spent some of today doing research reading and playing with some plot ideas in my head. Tomorrow is errands in the morning, then my library shift in the afternoon.

Plus, our windows still haven't arrived :( So we won't get to lock-up at the new place this week. Grrr. OTOH, the deck looks great. When I have high speed access again, I'll try to post a pic of it.

Back to my research - I'm discovering that a lot of the primary source material that I need for this story just isn't going to be available to me unless I visit England. Which isn't going to happen any time soon. For the historian in me, this is a big issue. I HATE relying on secondary sources. Still, I'll see what I can find out there in cyberspace. Any tips?

Ok - time to clean litter boxes. Oh joy!


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Nienke Hinton said...

I'm sure there's some good sites online. For accuracy, you may want to stick to authentic UK sites - like city/country/regional sites or travel sites. If it's historical research, there are ton of links - but you probably know about them already. There's a few lists of links in my sidebar.
Can't wait to see the pics of the new place!

Melissa Marsh said...

Y'know, I would rather clean my kitties' litter boxes than pick up the three monster dogs' poop in the backyard! ;-) (I've done both for the past two weeks!)

Tess said...

Nienke - yeah, I'll have to do some very specific searching, there may be a few things online. What I really need are Home Office docs - scholars obviously have access to them as they're referenced, but likely they're going right to the source.

Melissa - LOL. Hadn't thought of that. Teva was always allowed to go where she wanted and my in-laws only cleaned up that which directly affected those of us walking in well travelled areas. Guess I won't complain about the cat boxes any more *g*.