Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chugging along...

I'm averaging about 1000 words/day. Not bad. One of the scenes will likely need a full rewrite, but I figure at least I got down what I wanted to do with it. Today's words will be harder to produce as my shoulder is acting up again AND I have my library shift this afternoon. Ouch!

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday, we lit a fire to burn some brush and I spent 4.5 glorious hours outside dragging deadfall and feeding the flames. Meanwhile, back in Ottawa, they're getting ice pellets and snow today. Hmmmmm.

And last, but not least, Sean moved the final items out of our storage bin this morning!! So we're now officially completely moved in :)

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! Enjoy your holiday :)


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Kelly Boyce said...

Congrats on being completely moved in!

1,000 words a day is a good pace.

I think most of my scenes will need a good bit of revising by the end of this. Right now, I'm not even sure what sequence they will end up in!

Melissa Marsh said...

1,000 words is awesome, Tess! Way to go! And I'm so glad you're all moved in now. That has to feel good!