Friday, November 09, 2007

Still plugging along...

I managed another 1360 words yesterday, for a total of just over 6500. Am hoping for more later today, once my errands are complete and workout done.

Time is flying quickly now, with Christmas coming up so fast. I have to get in gear for that as well!

The deer reappeared near the house the other day - this time I noticed it as I was coming up the driveway and managed another couple of photos, one from a distance standing outside the car, and one quite close from the driver's seat, with the window rolled down:

On the home front, we're hoping to get the family room set up this weekend, by retrieving the tv, entertainment unit, love seat etc. Sean did a great job with the paint down there last weekend. As we still haven't decided what to do with the floor, we'll just use a couple of rugs for now :) Pictures next week!

On with the errands, now. Hope everyone has a good weekend, and for those of you doing NaNo - keep on racking up that word count!!


Currently Reading: Past Secrets by Cathy Kelly (yes, I'm on another British chick-lit glom)
Link of the Day: Surfulater - a fantastic piece of software for the internet researcher


Annette said...

Great work on the ms, Teresa! That's 6500 words you didn't have before you started. Hope this week roars along well for you, too.

Pattern-chaser said...

You must really be out in the country if deer wander up your drive. Lucky Tess!


"Who cares, wins"

Melissa Marsh said...

Aww, how neat to be able to see wildlife so close to where you live. :-)