Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dearth of posts...

I'm posting less and even reading other blogs less frequently for a variety of reasons. The job hunt continues + I'm now considering going back to school. All this takes up time - applying for jobs, tailoring my resume for each one, researching school options and consolidating the info. All this leaves me with far less time to just play on the internet :( I do sign into Facebook at least once a day as it's kind of a one-stop place and easy to scan for updates etc.

Oh, and I'm also trying to up my exercise quotient by dragging my sorry a** down to the elliptical trainer early in the morning. Not my favourite time to work out, but it needs to be done and generally once I get started I'm ok, then I can shower and get on with my day.

And, I'm trying to keep up with my writing.

So, if I'm scarce for the next little while, that's why. Not that it appears many people are dropping by here anyway, a result, I realize, of my less than frequent presence here.


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Lynn Daniels said...

With the exception of the job hunting (good luck with that!), sounds like we're in similar places -- both in life and on the blog.