Friday, September 19, 2008


I'm feeling a little happier this week re my writing. Not only have I done some good research on one of my stories, but I've managed a fair amount of editing on the ms I want to submit soon. Not only that, but I've done some reading for one of my critique partners (no hardship - it's a compelling story) AND worked on one of the contest entries I'm judging right now. Phew. And the week isn't quite over :)

Also, Sean and I got another row of split rounds into our firewood pile on Wednesday morning:

Sean had fun with his tractor:

So, how about you? How was YOUR week?


Currently Reading: Playing James by Sarah Mason
Link of the Day: William Goodwin's Diaries - kept by a 18th/19th century surgeon in Suffolk - a fantastic primary resource


Rene said...

Wow, what a week. Love the firewood.

No comment on my week. I'm trying to forget it happened.

Tess said...

Hope next week is better for you!

Kelly Boyce said...

My week was CRAZY busy playing catch up. Luckily I had enough firewood left over from last year I didn't have to buy any more which meant no stacking! YAY!!

Melissa Marsh said...

Great job on the writing front, Tess! Woo hoo!

Week was ok - weekend was busy with baby tigers!

Tess said...

Kelly - I hear ya. Vacations are great, but the catch-up? Not so much fun. Glad you survived it.

And I actually enjoy stacking :)

Melissa - thanks! And now I'm off to your blog to find out about baby tigers...