Monday, June 11, 2007

8 Things I Like...

Rene listed her 8 things and asked others to do the same. Here are 8 things I like:

1) Riding on the back of my dh's motorcycle, especially along a quiet country road. It's so relaxing just to watch the world go by and you're so much closer to everything than when you're in a car.

2) Losing myself in a research library. I can totally forget about everything but gleaning as much info as I can from all the books, documents etc.

3) Walking through the woods - since I was a kid, I've loved walking on spongy ground strewn with branches, pine needles etc as trees soar above me. The longer the walk, the better. And it's always perfect when Sean joins me.

4) Knitting in front of a roaring fire. I did this a lot over the past winter and while it's a simple pleasure, it's one I can see myself indulging in a lot in the future.

5) The way my cats run to greet me when I get home - their enthusiasm is so infectious. Of course, they generally want food, but even so, they also want cuddles first.

6) Hanging out with my nephews and nieces. I don't see any of them as often as I like, but spending time with them is always fun.

7) Like Rene, I love to bake, but hate to clean up. Same goes for cooking - love the creating, loathe dealing with the huge mess I always make *g*.

8) Hot coffee first thing in the morning - even better when being sipped on a deck in the warm sun.

So, if you haven't already done this meme, what are some of the things you like?


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Melissa Marsh said...

Knitting by the fire on a cold winter night sounds so relaxing right now. I am so NOT a summer person!

Kelly said...

Knitting my a roaring fire sounds great! I enjoy that too. Along with the hot coffee in the AM.