Monday, June 25, 2007

So much going on...

it feels like I'm falling further and further behind here on my blog. Lots of detailed house decisions to make, research to do and general errands.

Last week I managed to start a flow chart for my latest ms, using the updated version of Freemind. Very cool. It got my creative juices going again, which is always good. Then I found some good info online and was able to order another couple of books through ILL - now I just have to wait for them to arrive :)

We spent much of Saturday on the property, working on various land related chores, clearing roots, trees etc. It was by turns, cloudy, rainy, sunny, hot, then cloudy again. By 7 in the evening, it was pouring rain. Fortunately we'd returned to our temp home by then so didn't get soaked.

I did start typing in my contemp story last week and sent a chapter off to my CPs for their comments. I'm also considering entering my TT opening in the upcoming Gateway to the Best contest. We'll have to see. I did edit it again last year after a good friend read and commented on it for me, so it's pretty much ready. I just still haven't decided about contests in general.

What do you think - do you still like entering contests? Feel it's a good thing?


Currently Reading: Dark Angels by Karleen Koen (yes, I'm finally going to finish it)
Link of the Day: Discovering Dickens - A Tale of Two Cities


Rene said...

I know what you mean about falling behind on the blogging. I've been slacking myself, so many other things to do.

I do not enter contests anymore. I think they are great for a beginning writer or a writer who is trying out a new genre. However, I don't think it is a good idea if a writer simply wants to get their work in front of an editor, the chances are too iffy and it could be a waste of money.

BTW, I got an AlphaSmart, now if I'd just use it.

Pattern-chaser said...

Thanks for the Freemind tip - I'll update mine right now. Good to hear your house is gradually getting homier....


"Who cares, wins"

Kelly said...

I have to admit I've never had a bad contest experience. I've entered 7 including the GH and finaled in 4 (not the GH), but even the ones I hadn't finaled in I got great feedback from. But the main point for me entering contestes is the final judge. It's a way to get my work in front of an editor or agent I'd be targeting anyway.

Good work going on out the house - glad you managed not to get soaked!

chickengirl said...

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Melissa Marsh said...

I haven't been blogging much, either - and we all know why! ;-)

I've only entered a handful of contests. I do like the feedback, but don't like the costs.

LilPinkPuck said...

I am just starting out blogging and I enjoyed reading this post. Nice to know I am not the only one that gets behind with the blogging lol.

I do not enter contests for writing but for my photography.

Stop by and check out my blog if you have time.