Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mid-week update...

Thanks for all the contest feedback :) Lots to think about. I still can't quite decide - I do like getting fresh feedback, but OTOH, the waiting period is often way too long. I still have time to make up my mind about the contest I'm thinking about.

On the writing front, I managed to finish entering all the handwritten pages from my contemp story and get everything organized in WriteWayPro (copying and pasting stuff I'd typed into PageFour Notebook ). And it turns out, I really did manage over 25,000 words during NaNo last November. Considering I wrote about half the number of days in the month I do know it's possible to write enough each day to achieve 50,000 words. And the story is actually hanging together, though it does need a lot of work.

With my historical, I've done more research and yesterday picked up one of the ILL books that has given me some more plot ideas. Very cool.

On the personal side, I'm going in for volunteer training tomorrow at the Sechelt Library. Been meaning to volunteer there for a while and finally made the arrangements. AND, the framing on our house is now complete (pics at this link)! Yay!!! Now we're waiting on the various sub-trades, so please everyone, keep your fingers crossed.

That's about it for now. Am off to Nia soon and need to get ready. We're having a big family weekend this weekend (Canada Day celebrations) with my brother/sister-in-law, niece and baby nephew, so don't be surprised if I don't surface again till next week some time.


Currently Reading: Dark Angels by Karleen Koen
Also Currently Reading: Revolutionary Britannia: Reflections on the threat of revolution in Britain, 1789-1848 by Edward Royle


Kelly said...

Have fun with the volunteering!

I was thinking about doing Nano this year but I'll already be into Book 2 of my series by then and I don't want to mess it up by writing flat out like that, so maybe next year. Are you going to do it again this year?

Papillon said...

Hi Teresa,

Just read your most recent post as well as your profile. I'm a BC girl myself (a Vancouverite) and it seems we might have a few things in common.

Continued good luck with your writing and please drop by my blog when you have a moment.

Happy Canada Day – think summery thoughts!

Melissa Marsh said...

How cool to see your house take shape. I bet you can't wait until it's done!!!