Monday, February 11, 2008

Catching up....

Sorry for the long absence. My mum came for a visit and we spent lots of time out and about, especially as the weather was good most of the time :) After she left, I had lots to do, including work on a contract for non-fiction work. It's a trial piece and if it works out, there may be more for me from this source.

As regular readers here know, I love playing with my camera, especially with so much spectacular scenery hereabouts. A few weeks ago, my mum sent me a copy of a photo taken by my sister:

It inspired me to try some black and white photography of my own, so I was thrilled to discover my camera actually has a b/w setting :) Who knew?

What I love is the play of light and shadow and figuring out how to take the photo to bring them out. Below are some of my efforts:

The woods near our house

Old quarry in the snow

Llamas near sunset

Mouth of Wilson Creek

Beach at Davis Bay

Gibsons waterfront

Mouth of Roberts Creek

Roberts Creek from Lower Road

Woodland garden

Other than that, I have been doing more research for my story and have come up with a couple of new plot twists. Plus, I've also come up with an idea that may just bring When the Heart Believes (sequel to What the Heart Remembers) back to life!! It came out of a dream I had. We'll see if it works or not.

Re: Fly Fusion Notebooks - My delivery from B&N came in good time and the bonus was they use a distribution centre in Ontario, so I didn't have to pay Customs/Duty and it was shipped via Canada Post :) Yay! I've found my pen to be invaluable so far. Poor Alphie is a little jealous - I may have to use him just so he won't feel bad. *g*

Ok, on with my work now. Hope you like the pics :)


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Pattern-chaser said...

ou can't beat B&W photography, and you have a good eye. Thanks for posting them.


"Who cares, wins"

Melissa Marsh said...

Great photos, Tess! Glad to hear you and your mom had a nice time visiting. :-)

Kelly Boyce said...

I love the B&W photos! I have a sepia and B&W setting on my digi and would love to find more time to make use of them.

Butchay said...

hi there, one site led me to your blog, i had fun looking at the pictures you took and reading stuff here. Hope we can exchange links. Have a great day