Tuesday, February 26, 2008

To read or to knit...

After dinner last night, we decided to enjoy the fire in the living room, before watching Rome. I was going to get the book I'm reading for review, but suddenly I knew I just had to knit instead. For those of you who both knit and read, do you find this? That the urge to do one over the other can sometimes be compelling? Do you understand it?

I'm working currently on a cool slouch sock for myself, knitted on two regular kneedles rather than circulars/dps (those of you on Facebook can see the sock in my Stitchbook box) and I was working on turning the heel. Having never done it before, I was a tad nervous. Maybe that compelled me to pick up needles/yarn instead of my book? The urge to finish that part?

Feedback definitely appreciated :)


Currently Reading: Book for review


Melissa Marsh said...

I wish I knew HOW to knit!

Kelly Boyce said...

I like the idea of knitting socks on just 2 needles. I hate dpn needles. Sometimes i get this overwhelming urge to knit and just HAVE to. It's weird.

Rene said...

Well, I can't purl. I can knit but the purl eludes me. I'm reading GH entries, to be honest I'd rather be knitting, it couldn't be any more frusterating than what I'm reading.