Friday, April 04, 2008

Books and reading...

Melissa's post got me thinking about books and reading. Like her, I've been reading for as long as I can remember. I get this from both sides of the family, especially my mum's side:

That's my Nana as a young girl. SHE was a reader and my mum and my aunts are as well - don't know so much about my uncles. Interesting that it runs in families - is it nature or nurture? Would I have been a reader if my mum hadn't been? I've no way of knowing. But it's a bond that holds us all together. I remember writing to Nana about books I'd read and was touched when my mum chose a couple from her collection for me when she died.

My babcia read a lot as well,

as did my paternal aunt.

Similarly, my sister is also an avid reader, and her kids are too, especially my older nephew who read Harry Potter himself when he was seven and is happy to curl up with a book pretty much any time.

Like Melissa, I'll buy books and leave them alone for years before actually reading them. It's comforting knowing they're there, waiting for just the right time :)

Fortunately I married someone who appreciates books and reading as much as I do! He understands my need to acquire new "friends", though does insist from time to time that I send some out for adoption so there's room for the new ones *g*. In fact, when I go to the big book sale in aid of the Sechelt library next weekend, I'll have to remember not to bring home the friends I sent out for adoption *vbg*.

That's why I love volunteering at the library - I meet people who are book lovers like me. And find all kinds of interesting things to read in the stacks there - the collection is quite varied. And I love seeing all the children in there.

I catalogue my books using Book Collector (I know I've mentioned this before) and hope at some point to be able to get the CueCat Barcode scanner or maybe even the very fancy laser scanner, to help speed up the process. I enter books as I buy them now, but am still way behind on inputting much of my collection.

Are books a big part of your life?


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Katy Cooper said...

I become an extraordinarily cranky person if I don't write...but if I had to choose between writing and reading, I would choose reading. I can't not read. I think not having reading material would drive me insane.

I'm the child of avid readers, and two of my grandparents--maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather--were big readers, too. The beloved isn't much of a reader, but he's respectful of my need for books, and lives with masses of friends in all directions.

Melissa Marsh said...

Strange - out of my whole family, I think I'm the most avid reader. My brothers never read too much growing up and still don't. Only in the past few years has my dad started to really read a lot.

Kelly Boyce said...

My TBR pile is outrageous and still I continue to add to it. I think I have some deep seeded fear that if I stop buying books, I may someday run out. Although at this point, I may actually have amassed enough to last me a lifetime. ;)

Katy Cooper said...

I think I have some deep seeded fear that if I stop buying books, I may someday run out.

Me, too. I had a stretch when I was re-reading the same dozen books, over and over again, because the library and the UBS were too far away to walk to, and I didn't have enough money to buy new very often. So now I think I'm like those people who lived through the Great Depression, who hoarded canned goods and bread and things like that. I catalogued my books a few years ago, and I had over 500 unread books. I think I'm not going to be forced to re-read for a while. (Yet I still buy and borrow...)