Monday, April 21, 2008

Caught without a camera...

Grrr. Sean and I went for a great walk yesterday. There are several great trails within easy reach of our house and we ended up on a couple Sean had forgotten about. Both led us to a nearby creek, with spectacular views of both and a neat little footbridge. Then we climbed up a rock face (via a winding path - no real rock-climbing involved) to visit a gorgeous arbutus tree and gaze out over the Georgia Strait to Vancouver Island (where they had 30cm of snow on Saturday morning!).

We were out for nearly two hours and saw so many cool things I wanted to photograph, including old bridge pilings, a cool little foot bridge and a small waterfall. OTOH, it's not like they're going anywhere!

On the writing front, I have a couple of query letters almost ready to go, once I've picked over my one-page synopsis one last time. And I'm almost done with my judging duties for now.


Currently Reading: The Breached Wall by Anita Burgh
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Doubtful Muse said...

Excellent link of the day!

Melissa Marsh said...

Great job on the query letters - get those babies out! :-)