Friday, May 16, 2008


Finally! Yep - the weather here has at last improved the point where we're able to start working on our garden. Can't do much this year, but at least we were able to get started on our little rock garden at the front of the house:

It felt so good to get outside and dig in the soil again. Now let's just hope I chose the right things for that area - they should work, but with gardening, one can never be certain what will and won't do well. If all goes as planned, we'll have some nice ground cover and pretty flowers within a month or two :)

It's a long weekend here in Canada and to celebrate, we're having friends over for a bbq tonight - while the weather holds! It's supposed to be warm and sunny - yay!

Other than that, we have no other big plans, though I'm hoping to convince Sean to go for a hike at Chapman Creek.

What are your plans for the weekend?



Melissa Marsh said...

So glad you got some gardening done! My husband and my daughter planted our garden yesterday, so we'll see what happens! :-)

Tess said...

What did you plant?