Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunday walk...

Sunday was a beautiful day, so we headed off on the motorcycle to a local park for a walk. Chapman Creek is a popular spot, so we were surprised to find the parking lot mostly empty. We set out and I discovered I had to stop fairly frequently to snap photos. Here are a few of them:


b/w photo of the rapids:

carved face:


On our return journey, we encountered evidence of a bear:

I also saw bear poop, but figured no-one needs to see a pic of that *g*.

Further along the trail we found the bear itself! It was across a small field, so it was quite safe to capture it digitally (click on the photo to enlarge it - you can see the bear's snout quite clearly):

After that excitement, we returned to the parking lot where Sean suggested we walk into Davis Bay for gelato (made here on the Coast). Never one to turn the opportunity to eat gelato on a warm, summery day, I agreed and we trotted off to share a medium cup of Wild & Reckless (vanilla with raspberry and ripples of chocolate). From there we walked back to the bike along the beach and rode home, with a quick detour down to the beach at Roberts Creek.

All in all, a successful outing. If you'd like to see more of my photos from the walk (and aren't on Facebook, where I've posted an album), email me privately and I'll send you a link :)


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Melissa Marsh said...

Beautiful pics! I love Sunday walks. We have a great park we go to - lots of nature, but no bears. :-)

Tess said...

LOL - are there any bears in Nebraska?

I usually never see bears, so was thrilled when we came across another couple who'd already spotted it.

Rene said...

How pretty. You are so fortunate to live so close to such pretty stuff.

Not sure I'd be thrilled with seeing a bear. We've had black bears in the area (they like to swim in people's pools) and there have been problems.

Kelly Boyce said...

Sounds like a great day and the pictures are beautiful! One of these days you're going to find me standing on your doorstep begging to be let in. ;)