Monday, October 06, 2008

Generating blog traffic - honest feedback needed...

I have to admit I feel I'm at a crossroads here. Do I close down this blog or not? I'm not really clear if people are reading and not commenting, or just not coming by anymore. If it's the former, has my blogging style changed so much? Am I not talking about interesting stuff? Just curious.

I fully realize that blogs probably have a natural life, and maybe this one has reached its end.

OTOH, is there something I blogged about in the past you'd like to see more of?

My skin is pretty tough, so please be honest :)


Currently Reading: Every Secret Thing by Emma Cole
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Cindy Procter-King said...

Hmm, my post didn't take. Will try again.

Since opening my own blog, I've become bad about visiting blogs that AREN'T in my blog roll (Teresa, I added your blog to my blog roll just the other day). It's just so easy to visit a number of blogs quickly through the blog roll, but I'm slow to add names because I have to search on WordPress to find out where to do it. I also visit blogs of people who post frequently to my blog, although sometimes it can take a few comments before I click through.

Katy Cooper said...

I visit regularly. When the posts drop off, my visits slow down; when the posts pick up, so do my visits.

I doubt that helps at all, but I thought I would say it anyway.

Tess said...


Thanks for adding me. And for visiting :)

Katy - good to know you're here reading :). I just got you back ON my blogroll (I rebuilt my computer and had to rebuild all my link lists).

I guess I could try a hit counter, but it's so hard to know if they're REAL hits, or just trolls looking for places to leave comment spam.

Annette said...

I visit fairly often...but I confess that life has gotten in the way of my posting comments. Not just on your blog, everywhere.

I love when you post pictures, and I love when you talk about your writing. Since you read a lot and I respect your opinion, I also check out what you're reading in case I find something new.

Tess said...

Thanks Annette. And I do realize how much busier your life had become since August :)

As long as I know people are at least still reading, it's not so bad!

Melissa Marsh said...

Since you were one of the first bloggers that I ever read, I always want to see what's up in your life. :-) You've been such a great blogger to me - always reading my posts, commenting, etc. - that I definitely want to return the favor!

This is just my opinion, but I really would like to read more of your thoughts on historical writing and what projects you're working on. :-)

Katy Cooper said...

You know, I'm with Annette in making note of what you're reading...

Sam said...

a difficult issue I think. I read what feels like a bajillion blogs but only comment on a few. Personally I think that people should blog for their own sake, i.e. to blog because they want to rather than because they want to be the next Dooce and have a million followers!

I am afraid that I am one of those that has a feedreader and so reads from the remote haven of my reader so you may not actually see me appear on your stats!!

Rene said...

Hey Teresa, just saw the post.

I always read but I don't always comment. A lot of times Melissa has commented and said what I was going to say anyway.

Often I read you on a feed so I'm not going to show up on your stat counter.

I'm not sure how to generate traffic. Mine has some odd things. I did a post on motivation to write about a year ago and that post comes up third on google when you type in "motivation to write" so I get a lot of transient traffic. Thursday Thirteens generate traffic and it tends to be a lot less transient and you can find some regular readers.

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