Thursday, October 23, 2008

This week...

I worked on Monday and Tuesday. So far, I'm loving my job - so much to learn and lots of interesting people to meet :) My co-workers are all great too - next week I work three days and I'm really looking forward to getting back there.

I did, however, at some point over the last few days, catch a cold. Fortunately, the symptoms didn't start till after work on Tuesday. I've spent the last couple of days drinking gallons of herbal tea, researching final details for the ms I hope to submit soon and reading Susanna Kearsley's The Winter Sea. It was really hard to put down and I finished it earlier this evening. I'll post a review of it soon.

Next week I hope to do a couple of writing related posts.


Currently Reading: What Casanova Told Me by Susan Swan
Link of the Day: "Historical Fiction -
Masters of Past" by Sarah L. Johnson


Melissa Marsh said...

Ooh! You got a job? Congratulations! I bet that is a big weight off your shoulders.

Hope you feel better soon! Cuddle up on the couch with a warm cup of tea and your kitties. :-)

Tess said...

Thanks Melissa. And yeah, it's a start. I have my foot in the door now (it's a p/t contract job).

I'm doing better now. At least the sore throat is finally gone! Hope your stomach is back to normal now.

Lynn Daniels said...

Congrats on the job! I'm so glad to hear it's going well. Sorry about your cold, though. You feeling better now?

Tess said...

Lynn - yep, feeling MUCH better, though still need my Breathe Easy tea each morning. And thanks for the congrats on the job :)