Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to school I go...

I arrived home from work today to a message from Langara telling me I've been accepted into the Library Tech programme, Flexible Option - which means, I'll be doing the course work online. Yay!

At first I'll likely only take one or two courses at a time, but I'll also get credit for some of my undergrad courses from Queens, which is nice.

It's very exciting and a bit scary too! Still, it feels right, which tells me a lot. I've always been one of those geeks who enjoys school (well, ok, except for the Math part, so when I got to Grade 13 and was allowed to drop Math, I was in heaven!), so I guess it really isn't a surprise. The first courses I'm hoping to take will deal with acquisitions and records management. (If Sean is reading this, he must now STOP laughing!)

My plans to write when I got home pretty much went out the window when I woke up at 4:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. Tomorrow, however, is another day :)

So, if you could go back to school (and wanted to), what courses would you take?


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Melissa Marsh said...

Congrats, Tess!

I would go back and study fashion history, I think. Always loved learning about it.

Literary Life said...

Wow, good for you Teresa. Are you planning on being a librarian? I always thought that would be a job I would like.

As you know I'm starting my History degree, so I understand your excitement. I've always been one of those that loves school too. :) Can't wait to have my nose buried in books and doing essays and having deadlines... weird huh? lol


Katy Cooper said...

I'm torn between Religious Studies and English, myself.

Lynn Daniels said...

WOO HOO, Tess! That's wonderful news; I'm so excited for you.

As to your question, that's actually something I've been rolling around in my head a while. I never got to go to college, and it's my one big regret. I've been talking to my husband about it, and I'll hopefully be doing something about it within a couple years -- waiting for the kids to get a little older.

I'm not sure what I'll study; I've been leaning toward accounting (despite my mild dyslexia), although my husband would prefer I do something with my photography. Much of it depends on what's available to me. We'll see.

Still, for you... WOO HOO!

Cindy Procter-King said...

Hmm, I don't know what I'd take. Too many things interest me.

Congratulations for getting accepted!

Tess said...

Thanks, everyone :)

So cool to hear what everyone would study!!

Melissa - fashion history fascinates me too.

LL - I'll actually be a Library Technician - there are differences, librarians being more involved with management, budgeting etc (among other things)

Katy - religion IS interesting, that's for sure. English, I didn't have so much fun with at university.

Lynn - I'm with your dh - photography is definitely up your alley. Of course, I LOATHE bookkeeping, which might explain why the thought of studying accounting just leaves my flummoxed *g*.

Cindy - I hear you. Were it not for my job focussing me, I might have a bigger problem deciding what to study.

SleepyStars said...

I know you don't know me...just passing through.

I'd go back to take a bunch of sociology courses...just for the fun of it. I like Sociology.

More practically, I'd probably go back to do graduate study in Biology or Health.