Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Slow but steady progress...

Another 2000 words yesterday, for a grand total now of 8032. I didn't write at all on the weekend as Sean and I had plans for Saturday. Sunday I probably should have written, but was in a total funk, despite exercise and yummy birthday cake from my m-i-l (chocolate zucchini cake - just scrumptious). It took me a while to figure it out, but finally I realized that even though I don't mind the rain on a conscious level, the overall lack of sunlight recently has left both Sean and me with mild cases of S.A.D.

On Monday I worked a full day and was just zonked in the evening - we watched two more eps of Robin Hood before turning in early.

We'll see how things go today. This afternoon I have a phone interview for the Library Tech programme I applied for, then have some related email testing to complete and return within a strict time limit. It's possible I'll get more of Henri and Madeleine's story written once all that is completed. Not sure I'll be able to concentrate on it before the interview. We'll see.

I know for many people this means I'm not taking NaNo seriously enough, but for me, NaNo is a chance to kickstart my stories and gives me a goal to work towards. I can't just drop the rest of my life, it doesn't work that way.

So - how 'bout you? Are you surviving November weather? (well, we know those of you in SoCal and TX are *g*, but the rest of us aren't so lucky!) Does the weather affect your mood/writing?


Currently Reading (and almost finished): The Intelligencer by Leslie Silbert
Link of the Day: Cats in Sinks (silly fun for a grey November day)


Kelly Boyce said...

Library Tech - would that mean you'd get to spend all day in the library AND get paid for it?? Wow...

Rene said...

I hear you on the dreary days. Luckily we don't have many. I know some writers love nothing better than a cold, rainy day. But I do love the sunshine spilling through the windows. I find it increases my productivity.

My progress has been up and down. Still haven't had a 2k day yet although I've gotten close.

Good luck on the library tech stuff.

Tess said...

Kelly - yep :) Well, at least days I'm scheduled. I'm already doing some of the work two days a week and am just LOVING it. I'll also learn how to catalogue books which means I'll finally be able to catalogue my home library!

Rene - I saw the totals on your blog - looks pretty impressive to me!! And you managed 2K yesterday. Thanks for the luck - I should know by next week.