Saturday, May 27, 2006

A day in Vancouver...

Don't worry - I didn't disappear again. Just spent yesterday in town with my mother-in-law, which meant leaving at 7:30am for the ferry. That put us in Horseshoe Bay just after 9, to start our day of shopping for dresses to wear to my brother-in-law's wedding (now under 4 weeks away - aack!) We tried a consignment shop first, then headed over to the Oak Ridge Mall to start our quest - an unsuccessful one ultimately. I did try on a few dresses - one was almost right, but not quite and I didn't want to take the chance that alterations wouldn't work.

At 1:15 we left to pick my niece up from school - she hadn't been expecting to see me and was quite surprised! I can't believe how quickly she's growing. A quick snack and a visit with her cats followed, then it was off to her gymnastics class. The time there flew - it was great fun watching all the kids at different stages (at one point there were at least 3 classes going on), but especially cool to see my niece learning a lot of the stuff I did oh, so many years ago. She's a natural athlete and shows lots of promise, but mostly she seems to have fun, which is what's really important.

After dropping one tuckered little gymnast off at her mum's, we tried a couple of more stores in a different area of the city, but still, nothing. Then, on our way to the ferry terminal, we got stuck in a huge traffic jam. Seems 200 cyclists were protesting something (there were no banners saying what) by riding all at once across the Lion's Gate Bridge - just after rush hour. We sat, barely moving, for well over 30 mins. But at last things cleared and we were able to get to Whole Foods for dinner to take to the ferry line - I put together a yummy dish from their salad bar, but also broke down and bought a package of their double-chocolate chunk cookies.

The ferry was a little late coming in, but that didn't matter as I had my newly-acquired copy of RT's 30th Anniversary issue to read after eating. Of course by this point it was also raining, so we had a wet drive home when we reached Langdale. All in all, though, a fantastic day! But it was nice to get home :-)

My link of the day, for those of you curious about where Sean is working, will take you to a site where you can download the CK FM sign-on from last Saturday. There's an intro from Bob, the president, then his pick for opening song, followed by intros from all the staff (including my own sweetie). It's just over 9 MB, so if you're on dial-up, it will take some time to download. But that first song is definitely worth the wait :-)

Not sure what's on tap for today. Sean is at work right now, but hopes to be home in the afternoon. I do have to get down to the post office before 12:30 and really, really, should also try to get some writing work done. It's a grey morning here (the kitties, after a bit of a romp, are now fast asleep), but the weather shows some promise of improving. Plus there's the all important Game 5 late this afternoon between Edmonton and Anaheim. Still hoping to have DSL up and running soon (waiting on the modem from Telus) - more pics will follow then! Including the latest on the baby llama.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!


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