Thursday, May 25, 2006

Responding to Comments

Rene said: Glad to hear things are settling down. I know it took me months to get back into writing after I moved. But when I did, it seemed to be with renewed verve.
I'm hoping that will happen with me!!

Melissa said: How exciting that your hubby is working at a brand new radio station. That has to be a great feeling.
Where are you guys living right now? Your house isn't yet built, correct?

It is a fantastic feeling. I was at the Open House at the station last night and it was packed. Everyone here is really excited about this.
Right now we're living in the guest cottage at my in-laws'. It's the size of a small apartment and overlooks the lake. Not to tough staying here at all.

Bren said: That's great that things are going so well. You must be relieved to be there so you can get going in your new life. I felt that way a year ago when we arrived in Kamloops. I know you'll love it here in BC. Looking forward to the pictures.
I already DO love it here in BC :-) And it's nice to have finally made the move after talking about it for so long.

Tess said: Glad to see things are moving along pretty smoothly!
Thanks so much!! Let's hope it continues.

Melinda said: Great, you are getting settled and the cats are all right! That had to be a long trip and a big change for everyone.
Will check back to see how you are doing!

Yep, a big change. And the trip really didn't seem as long as I thought it would. The scenery was always changing (well, except for parts of Northern Ontario and Saskatchewan *g*) and the cats were so well-behaved, there wasn't really any stress.

Kelly said: 39 boxes of books! Ooohhh I so want to raid your stash! So...where did you say this locker was going to be...?
LOL. I didn't ;-) But feel free to visit once I have my library back up on shelves (likely a year from now). Many of the research books are already catalogued.


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