Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Since arriving, we've been super, super busy. Between settling in to our temporary digs, doing laundry, catching up on business paper work, registering cars and sorting through our belongings, it's been go, go, go. And with Sean starting work last week, it's been crazier than ever. Fortunately the weather was fantastic until just recently.

That turned out to be a true blessing on Friday the 12th when our stuff arrived on the moving truck. We heard from the driver that they expected to make the first ferry in the morning, so by 8 am we were at the storage place, waiting for him to arrive. And there we stood for quite a while, as the older ferry was doing the run that day (and for several to follow), so was late. Turns out, our driver JUST got on the ferry - he was the last truck.

The guys were great - our storage bin is full and there's no way we could have organized things as well as they did. We'll be getting a second, smaller one on June 1, so we'll move the books in there (needless to say, my 39 boxes of books take up a fair amount of room in our locker *g*).

The cats are settling down and seem to quite enjoy the large windows, the many places to climb and the many cuddles they get. They also met their new vet and really like her. I'll post some pics of them later this week or early next. That's when we should have our DSL connection up and running - yay!! Dial-up is great, but for posting photos, it's still pretty slow. Still, I'm not complaining.

Last Saturday we attended the radio station launch. Too cool. At noon, the boss's little grandson (adorable little guy of about 3) pressed the button and made history on the Sunshine Coast by starting its very own radio station. I met the rest of Sean's co-workers, ate too much cake and came home to cook dinner.

As you might expect, I've done NO work on my ms since leaving Ottawa. Hope to rectify that soon, though more errands await me today. Still, Henri and Madeleine's photos are staring at me from just beside my monitor, so I won't be able to ignore them for much longer.

Some of you may have noticed, I'm starting to make the rounds in the blogosphere again - hopefully I'll get to everyone's blogs pretty soon. But for now, I have to get going :-) See y'all again soon!


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