Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Some story progress and...

Well, I did make a wee breakthrough with my story yesterday while out for my walk. Part of what was bothering me I realized was the way the story opened. I'd already changed it once, but found the first meet still didn't quite seem right. So I came up with another idea that I'm going to try out tomorrow!

Today I checked out one of the gyms in the area and will look into another two soon. Must make up my mind before too much longer though. Especially with a family wedding coming up in just over three weeks.

And, last but not least, I finally finished putting together my Windshield Chronicles and have posted them over on their own blog. I decided to do a separate blog as there are lots of pics and they'd clog this one up for quite a while. Also, I figured not everyone is going to want to wade through all the pics and my pithy commentary *g*. Those of you on dial-up be warned - these will take a while to load.

Now, I must get ready to order pizza for dinner :-)


Link of the Day: The Lost Gardens of Heligan

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