Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Quick camping report...

There will be further details over at my Windshield Chronicles blog later today, but I don't want to post all the photos here as they'll take up a lot of room. This way, if you choose to go to the other blog, you'll know you're in for lots of pix loading *g*.

**UPDATE** - They're now up, over at Teresa's Windshield Chronicles. The link will open a new window.

After a slight problem with a dead truck battery (long story), we were on our way by 6:50pm Friday evening. 3.5 hours later, we arrived at the campground, in driving rain. I can tell ya, camper camping was looking pretty awesome at that point. No struggling to set up the tent in the dark AND the rain - just plug in water and power and we were good to go. Ate dessert and had a drink, then hit the bunk.

Saturday we took the water taxi over to Savary Island at 11am, taking our bikes with us. Good thing, as we ate decadent breakfasts at Nancy's bakery earlier in the morning. Though it was a tad cloudy when we arrived, by 12:30 or so, the sun had come out and we cycled the length of the island before stopping for lunch (sandwiches from the aforesaid Nancy's) at the northern tip.

We cycled back, then wandered along the beach at the southern end, taking pics, looking at the sea life and just generally relaxing. 4:30 saw us on the water taxi again, heading back to Lund. Dinner was at the Lund Hotel, then, after a short walk on the pier, we went back to the campsite for our campfire and s'mores.

Sunday was a lazier day, partly cause it was raining and partly cause we wanted to lie around reading. But we did go out for a hike in the afternoon after the light rain stopped. Another advantage of camper camping - we were thoroughly cozy inside our little house on wheels :-)

Sean cooked pasta for dinner, then built another fire for us to sit around until about 10pm, when we hit the sack. Because he had to go to work yesterday, we had to be up by 5am, so we could be certain to get the 7:30 ferry back to our section of the Coast. By 10am yesterday, I was home with the kitties.

So, all in all, a successful weekend away! I'll amend this post later with the url for my Windshield Chronicles blog once I've posted everything over there.

Tomorrow we'll return to regularly scheduled, writing-related blogging *g*.


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