Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Spellchecker hell and more...

Yep, that's where I was yesterday. I figured I'd best run WTHR through it one more time before sending the ms out for proofing. Sheesh - the things I missed!! Much of the SC found was instances of my British/Canadian spelling - "travelling" "neighbour" etc., but it also found some really basic typos and spelling errors. *sigh* My eyes were practically glazed by dinner time last night and I ended up with a horrible headache. And there's still a little of my ms to go. But it has to be done. And yeah, it sounds stupid to send it out for proofing AFTER all this, but I know there are other things that will need catching - missed words, double words (though the SC caught a few) etc. Rewriting my synopsis almost looks good after this *vbg*.

In other news
Hop on over and add your Congrats to Michelle at her blog if you haven't already done so! She sold to Harlequin M&B the other day. Isn't that cool? And a medieval at that. Another friend of mine sold her medievals recently too. I think it's fantastic to see historicals selling, especially medievals, which had been on the downslide for a while. It's great news for the subgenre and I'm thrilled for Michelle and Diana :-)

True Confessions
Which brings me to the green-eyed monster. I admit, when people sell, I have to struggle with mine, But ya know what I realized? These people have been ACTIVELY seeking publication for years, writing and submitting regularly. Yeah, I write, yeah, I submit, but the latter I do not as often as they do. Though I do do it often enough. Which is why I'm determined to work at it more. So it's no wonder that writers who have honed their craft and paid their dues on the submission circuit finally reap their reward. And why, once I sit down and think about it clearly, I'm truly happy for them :-) I believe it was Jenny Crusie who wrote about the green-eyed monster in a Pro column in the RWR - advising us to acknowledge its existence, then MOVE ON. She's soooo right - if you pretend nothing is wrong, well, you'll just explode one day. But neither can you allow it to hold you in its nasty, slimy grasp. Flirt with it, then give it the boot!

So, how do you deal with the green-eyed monster?


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