Monday, June 09, 2008

7 Random Things...

Melissa posted her answers to the meme and as I have nothing brilliant to say today, I figured I'd try to come up with seven random things about me.

1) I LOVE house-flipping and house buying shows on HGTV. NOT that I have any intention of doing either - moving again is not something I want to do for a long, long, long time. But I just find the process fascinating and love to see what other people do with houses and what appeals to them when they buy.

2) I was on a tv game show back in the 80s called Reach for the Top (yes, fellow Canucks, I was a bit of a geek that way). Our team lost our second game, but I somehow then ended up on the All Star Team for the City of Ottawa (still have NO idea how that happened) and we ended up playing a team from CFB Lahr in Germany. The best part of that was meeting some great people, one of who later ended up at Queen's and being friends with Sean at CFRC (talk about a small world).

3) I've never smoked a cigarette in my life. Yep, I was probably one of very few kids who actually was scared by all the films we saw in health class in the mid-70s. As an adult I've never really been tempted either - wine and chocolate are my vices :)

4) I never did master Double Dutch. My friend Kalli was fantastic at it and gave me pointers, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't do it for more than a few turns of the ropes.

5) When I have popcorn at a movie theatre, I won't start eating it till the trailers start. I don't know why, I just like to have my popcorn with my movie and know that I love it so much, if I start eating it as soon as I sit down, most of it will be gone by the time the movie is on. I cover it with napkins and woe betide those who try sneaking their hand under for a kernel or two before the lights dim and the trailers roll.

6) I'm petrified of spiders. Not uncommon, I know, but where mice don't bother me and I'm ok with snakes, spiders, depending on their size, can paralyze me! Hence my being eternally grateful to my mum for including the Long-handled Spider Catcher with our Christmas package this year. Out here in the country, with wood piles both inside and just outside the house, eight-legged visitors are inevitable, so I'm learning to deal with my fear with the help of the spider catcher.

7) I'd love to learn to ride a horse. It must be the historian in me. We now have neighbours with horses, so maybe one day soon I'll get a chance to do it.

What about you - are there seven random things about you that you want to share?


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Melissa Marsh said...

How cool about the game show! I bet that was fun. And I never smoked a cigarette, either. I think it was because I saw the damage it did to my grandfather who eventually died from emphysema (sp?). That cured me of ever wanting to try it!

Kelly Boyce said...

I'm so addicted to HGTV that as soon as I walk into my boyfriend's place he just automatically flips the tv to that channel. I may need a 12 step program soon...

Tess said...

Melissa - Yep, the game show was fun.

Kelly - TLC has some good shows too - we like Moving Up, where people get to see what happens to their house after selling it to another couple.