Monday, June 30, 2008

Hot, sunny weekend...

At last, we have summer here on the Sunshine Coast :)

After having a yummy, home made pizza for dinner on Friday evening, we moved to the firepit for our first official fire of summer:

I roasted marshmallows for smores and we sat reading our books till it was too dark for that, then just watched the fire burn down. It was still a little light when we went in at 10:30 - I just love the long days this time of year.

On Saturday morning we enjoyed coffee out on the deck. Sean took this cool pic of us:

Sean played ball hockey and then we went for a walk on a nearby beach:

where we looked over to Vancouver island - there's still snow on the mountains over there!!

The driveway was deliciously cool, as it's so shady - a lovely place to sit and contemplate:

Sunday dawned even hotter, so I took time to water the garden, which needs a good soaking each morning as it's in the sun for hours later in the day:

Sean had to nip into work for a while, so I got a headstart on our outdoor work while it was still shady. After weeding the flower bed, I headed over to the septic field and began the long process of clearing it of sticks, branches etc. Much sunscreen was applied and much water drunk. After a lunch break (when Sean got home) we went back out there where Sean moved rocks and I contined to pick up sticks. We had a little visitor on one of the trees - a red-breasted sapsucker, who seemed quite content for me to take its picture:

By close to 2:30 it was just too hot to work outside on that baking field, so we rested for a bit on the deck before cleaning up and walking over to my in-laws' for a yummy dinner. The walk home was even nicer as it had cooled off just enough - and we needed to walk off some of the chocolate zucchini cake we'd consumed *g*.

It was still light when we arrived back at the house, so we repaired to the deck chairs with our books until the mosquitoes forced us back inside just before 10. It was hot in the bedroom last night, even with the fan going and the curtains back to let in the breeze, but compared to the heat of an Ontario summer (I grew up in a house without A/C), it was still pretty comfortable.

Tomorrow is Canada Day and we'll likely go to Gibsons to see what's going on down at the waterfront. Fingers crossed that the lovely weather will hold.

So, how was your weekend?


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Doubtful Muse said...

Fun! And isn't it wonderful to finally have that nice weather to really enjoy the outdoors?

Tess said...

Oh, yeah :) Though I admit to having spent more time indoors today. Still, I imagine Sean and I might have dinner out on the deck!