Friday, June 06, 2008

This story makes me see red!.... | Ontario | Waitress laid off after shaving head for cancer

I know this is totally OT for this blog, but can you believe the story linked to above? Yep, this woman participated in the Cops for Cancer fundraiser in honour of her late father (who died of cancer) and her cousins who are currently fighting the disease. And her boss told her to stay home from work till her hair had grown back in. His employees must keep their hair a certain length.

I'm just livid. What would this guy have done if one of his employees had actually been receiving cancer treatment and lost their hair? And what is with those people who say they would've been "appalled" to be served by her? How shallow ARE they? I think she looks lovely :)

Good thing I live nowhere near Owen Sound or I'd march right in there and tell that man EXACTLY what I think of him. And remind him about Terry Fox.

Cancer is a horrible, horrible disease, taking people long before their time. Cops for Cancer's fundraiser is a wonderful way to show support and NO-ONE should be punished for taking part in it.



Doubtful Muse said...

I can't BELIEVE anyone would do what that restaurant did. The owners of that place ought to be bitchslapped. To tell her she can't come back until her hair grows back, after she made all that money for the charity is just gross.

Tess said...

I KNOW! It's absolutely reprehensible - how anyone can think that way is just beyond me.

I imagine he'll find himself minus many, many customers as a result of such assinine behaviour.